How it Works

Anone can have their own audio assistant with Roger Audio Online.
Employ custom-made audio algorithms drawing on A.I., D.S.P. and machine-listening to provide your audience the best listening experience possible.

Upload raw recordings

Voice recording can be uploaded raw or edited down.

We support: male, female, child or mixed speakers. Recorded with boom microphone, lavalier, studio mic, shotgun. Inside, outside or voice-over studio. Please make sure to use the original audio quality (.wav of .aiff).

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Listen and modify online (soon)

Based on analysis of your material we present a preview of the cleaned voice recording.

High-level options make it possible to choose which variation suites your projects' goals best. Modifications can be heard directly.

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Download the best version

When you're happy with the result you can download a lossless version of the cleaned and polished audio-files for further use.

Only when you want to donwload the high quality results you will have to pay.. This way you're only charged for what you're satisfied with.

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Feel safe about audio quality with automatic mixing online

We make your audio files
loud and clear!

Noise Reduction

Get rid of as much background noise and static as possible, without digital artifacts.


Use equalization, filtering, de-essing and more to ensure any speaker sounds fresh and clear.


With gain automation and compression your loudness compares to an professional production.

High Quality Files

All results can be downloaded with the same fidelity as your raw material. Up to 96kHz, 32 bit .wav-files.

Pricing Plans

Great audio
for content creators of any scale

  • Online 24/7 ready while you wait
  • A.I. based fixing & mixing
  • Price Tiers based what you actually use
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€39 €19
-50% Early Access Discount
Per File
  • Fix & Mix your voice recordings
  • Ready within 1 business day
  • Free preview before deciding
  • For video, podcast & more
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